AwSim NextGen Enhancements(ANE)

CDA Route

The purpose of the AwSim™ NextGen Enhancements (ANE) contract is to enhance certain functions within AwSim™ to accommodate proposed changes in the National Airspace System, known as NextGen. The customer for this project is the FAA Simulation and Analysis Team (AJP-661) and the FAA Operations Research (AJF-41) group.

Development of ANE enhances the ability to efficiently conduct evaluations of proposed changes to the NAS using realistic trajectory based metrics. Some of these improvements include airspace accumulated delay analysis, sector delay analysis, future demand generation, and conflict probe look-ahead functions. The new functionality enables fast,high fidelity evaluation of new concepts such as “CDA approaches into complex airspace”.

The image for example, shows a proposed CDA approach route into runway 26 in Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport (ATL). This simulation was done using recorded real trajectories for a day in ATL. We then modified a subset of these trajectories to emulate a CDA for a certain class of aircraft. As a result we were able to accurately measure the benefits of a CDA approach, both in time and fuel, as well as any potential impact to other traffic in at the airport.