Core Library

The Core Library is the foundation of AERALIB® providing class objects which handle most of the underlying tasks in spherical geometry, kinematics and numerical methods. The functions are highly application-independent and are optimized with respect to both accuracy and execution speed.

The range of components in the Core Library includes:

  • Classes that encapsulate common spherical objects on the sphere such as locations, great circles, great arcs, small circles, small arcs, parallels, meridians, spherical polygons, etc.
  • Numerical algorithms to solve geometric problems in 4D space, such as finding intersections between any arc or circle, distances between locations, projected distances to an arc or circle, location at a given time or distance along an arc, lead time, time ahead, overlaps, etc.
  • Storage mechanisms to handle more complex structures widely used in ATC systems. An airspace, for example can be built using the Spherical Shape class that encapsulates a list of arcs (great or small).
Core Libraries